Get Sinister: Exclusive A389 Mixtape Stream/Contest!

A389 Recordings is the most dangerous record label in America, period. Those who doubt it will have a tough time accounting for the 2014 A389 Digital Mixtape/Sampler, an utter beast of a collection featuring fifty-plus salvos from such sinister extreme music heavyweights such as Integrity, Bloodlet, Ringworm, Weekend Nachos, The Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Reagan, and Noisem, alongside a slew of newer/lesser known future levelers.

Decibel is proud to not only host the exclusive stream of the mix below, but also to offer up ultra sick A389 PrizePacks to the five readers who leave the most entertaining/inventive comments below regarding a new band they discovered via the mix.

Everyone else, head over to the A389 webstore where all orders are 25 percent off this week with the following code: A3892014MIXTAPE. (All Bandcamp downloads are set to free/pay what you want for the week as well...)

Also, see the flyer above for info on a tremendous A389 sideshow happening this weekend in Philly.

Tracklisting after the jump...

TRACKLISTING NAPALM CHRIST Idols Of Evil 100 DEMONS Ne Desit Virtus HOMEWRECKER Born To Suffer - NEW BLIND TO FAITH Burial Of Mankind ILSA 25 Cromwell - NEW MOLOKEN Subliminal Hymns - NEW SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP The Flock BLOODLET Something Wicked GENOCIDE PACT Menial Subsistence HEXIS Tenebris RINGWORM King Of Blood OCCULTIST Death Siglis SICK/TIRED Dried Up Corpse - NEW HAYMAKER Ten Bucks Worth Of Rope - NEW IRON REAGAN Spoiled Identity LEFT FOR DEAD Devil's Punchbowl FULL OF HELL Indigence And Guilt NOISEM Defiled LIKE RATS Dusk BEVAR SEA Abishtu FISTER Antitheist CHAPEL Hell Breaks Loose ARAX Straight Flush - NEW COUNTRESS Spirits EMPIRE OF RATS Bottomless Pit INTEGRITY There Is A Sign NOTHING In Metal PHARAOH Degenerator - NEW DEATHRITE Infernal Void DESPISE YOU Culpa Mia THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Rebel Without A Car - NEW OLD LINES Stratford COFFINS Purgatorial Madness SEX PRISONER State Property COKE BUST Iron Spiral NO ONE SURVIVES War Of My Own - NEW PRIMITIVE MAN Unable HIVE BENT The Observer THE BELLICOSE MINDS Hammer Of Ice THE LOVE BELOW Fuck You Up And Get High - NEW PUTRISECT Better To Burn - NEW UNHOLY MAJESTY Compliance - NEW CASTLE FREAK Sickening Corpses SHIN TO SHIN Extinction WEEKEND NACHOS That Life Of Yours WITHDRAWAL Dream Catcher - NEW MANPIG Center Of My Storm PICK YOUR SIDE Not A Thought To Spare TERRITORY Blowback OF FEATHER AND BONE Deprivation GOD'S AMERICA Keep Waiting AMPALLANG INFECTION Demolition Of Man - NEW ENFORCERS Unto Dust JUNIOR BRUCE The Ocean's Daughter - NEW