Dark Descent Records announce showcase festival – Oct 4th and 5th, Portland, OR

Dark Descent Records have announced a two-day showcase festival at the Ash Street Saloon, Portland OR for October 4th and 5th. And the lineup (below), presented by Dark Descent in association with Parasitic Records and Ash St PDX is the exactly sort of super-necrotic death/doom/black bill of extremity that's guaranteed to help you shake out the kinks in your neck and let the more morbid of you achieve optimum headspace for telekinetic drawing down of the moon. Uhh, probably. The poing being: If you're in the area or have the means and wherewithal to haul-ass to the show, then this is an essential ticket. Don't miss out. Friday, Oct 4th Horrendous Vassafor Ritual Necromancy Sempiternal Dusk

Saturday, Oct 5th - $15 Mitochondrion Anhedonist Gravehill Weregoat Dire Omen Tickets are priced $13 for the Friday, $15 for the Saturday, with weekend tickets priced $26: Get yours here Keep up to date with the event details on the event Facebook page

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This is sort of thing you can expect.

Friday's lineup: HORRENDOUS http://youtu.be/vk0l1dIZqMo

VASSAFOR http://youtu.be/nfY69bFmTjE

RITUAL NECROMANCY http://youtu.be/G4zNNJG9Imw

SEMPITERNAL DUSK http://youtu.be/4BvmE42pVsE

Saturday's lineup: MITOCHONDRION http://youtu.be/vbjzxqkIJ8c

ANHEDONIST http://youtu.be/pvVFnj2MB3I

GRAVEHILL http://youtu.be/cIZnW5R2hks

WEREGOAT http://youtu.be/Um4wuoRmo90

DIRE OMEN http://youtu.be/GgbGGprS4ck

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