Decibrity Playlist: Zozobra

Adam McGrath plays by his own rules, nobody else's, not even his own. So when he sent over a list that simply included five "sweet" songs, who were we to argue? Not only does his time in Zozobra (guitarist/vocalist) and Cave In (guitarist) give him more than enough cred, judging by his selections (the first happens to be my favorite song so far this year), he also has great taste. Be sure to pick up a copy of the new Zozobra record, Savage Masters, over at Brutal Panda Records. You can listen along here.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' "Push The Sky Away" (from 2013's Push The Sky Away) This track could be on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Hypnotizing and haunting synthesizers with soothing vocals. A legendary artist still relevant and provocative.


Daryl Hall's "NYCNY" (from 1980's Sacred Songs) Fripp & Hall. Hall & Fripp. This is what it sounds like if Daryl Hall sang from King Crimson. Absolutely devastating guitar shredding. Sounds like some sort of blinding buzz saw. This is also one of my favorite Daryl Hall vocal performances. He strangely reminds me of H.R. from Bad Brains.


Deep Wound's "Don't Need" (from 2006's Almost Complete) I'm late to Deep Wound, but I love this pure early '80s Massachusetts hardcore. Fast, angry and violent sounding. Relentless guitar, derelict vocals and blazing drums.


Death's "Voice Of The Soul" (from 1998's The Sound Of Perseverance) For whatever reason, this deep cut from The Sound of Perseverance always comes up when I'm shuffling the iPod and I've fallen in love with it. Guitar solos ripped from tops of mountains and blood red horizons.


Sun Araw's "Ma Holo" (from 2010's On Patrol) Music that gives me psychedelic dreams of futuristic neon plastic beach worlds in clouds of mist. A masterful and tasteful use of effects, samples and loops. The song slowly becomes mesmerizing.


*Order a copy of Savage Masters here.

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