For Those About to Squawk: Waldo's Pecks of the Week

Not much to be said here, so let's just get into it, shall we? Relapse come at us with MANTAS Death by Metal, the demo from the pre-Death band. If you’re looking for good sound quality, look elsewhere, but this thing is pretty beaking cool. You can hear every instrument clearly and it is pretty mean-sounding. Basically, there are six songs packaged through the two demos and a rehearsal tape. The packaging is the original demo cover with notes looking like they were done on a notepad (which they were). There is also a bonus disc with the expanded edition that has the technical first recording and some live stuff. If you want to hear where death metal started, this is the point. Check this out. 8 Fucking Pecks

“When we’re in town, speakers explode.” The loudest band in the world, MANOWAR, celebrates their 30th year going with The Lord of Steel. Wow, these guys have really been at it this long? Dust off your old Columbia House ads and pick up their back catalog. What can really be said about Manowar that hasn’t been said before? You know what to expect: songs about steel, swords, metal, loud music, etc. Check out "El Gringo" and you’ll know what to expect. I mean, really, does the world really need another Manowar record? Cheesy rockfish riffs with songs in the sword-and-sorcery vein. If you like this sort of thing, you definitely won’t be disappointed, but if not, you’ll find this either hilarious or TOTALLY cheesy and lame. Uhhh, 5 (?) Fucking Pecks

MOW image

The utterly worthless DR. ACULA are back at it again, releasing the equally worthless Nation on Victory. Man this band squawking SUCKS. Boring “deathcore” riffs with some stupid leads. It seems the keyboard player is gone. Who cares? This band blows. This one is more nu-metal-ish. A little less goofy than the previous release, Slander, but still just as poopy. Seriously, fuck this shit, and fuck bands like this. Utter garbage, not even worth the joke. Mitch Hedberg should be rolling over in his grave for them to have stolen the punchline to one of his jokes for their name. 1 Fucking Peck.

My old-school peck is ASSASSIN, the German thrash band. Sweet, mean riffs. This just rocks, check out this song off of The Interstellar Experience, definitely up there in the Teutonic thrash.

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