STREAMING: Harm's Way "New Beginnings"

Chicago-based metallic hardcore outfit Harm's Way are right down the middle of our proverbial plate. That's a baseball reference -- made by a non-baseball fan -- if you were thinking of fine china or the affordable stuff you get in boxes of 50 at Ikea. Seriously, hearing Harm's Way's new album Isolation immediately made us think of two things: non-blastbeat Napalm Death funneled through Entombed's distortion pedal set-up. Yeah, it rules. Isolation's uncompromising, catchy, gritty, and, at times, anthemic. So, we connected Closed Casket Activities via the Interwebs and found ourselves premiering "New Beginnings" before we had a chance to say Cliff Lee three times fast.

"'New Beginnings' is a track off our upcoming full-length on Closed Casket Activities entitled Isolation," explains Harm's Way in a group shout out. "Lyrically, this song can be interpreted on micro and macro levels, from destroying your own personal failed relationships, to destroying the world around you to build it back up. It's easy to get wrapped up in our personal issues, and you feel like lighting a match, and walking away. We feel this song is a great representation of the overall sound of the record and shows an array of our influences throughout it's duration. Keep a look out for this song live on our upcoming tours with Xibalba, Foundation, and Rotting Out."

Harm's Way - New Beginnings by Decibel Magazine

** Harm's Way Isolation is out July 5th on Closed Casket Activities. Pre-order it here.